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Trail Use Rules and Conditions:

  1. Sign in on trail register form prior to accessing trail from staging areas or designated entry points.
  2. Have a valid EBMUD Trail Use Permit in their possession, unless accompanied by an EBMUD Trail Use Permit holder.
  3. Exhibit and/or surrender permit upon request of EBMUD Ranger, Law Enforcement Officer, or any other person duly authorized by EBMUD.
  4. Stay on designated trails.
  5. Use trails between sunrise and sunset only.
  6. Close all trail gates.
  7. Use only designated restroom facilities.
  8. Carry out and properly dispose of all litter.
  9. Clear and dispose of all animal waste products from staging areas. Remove all dog waste from staging areas and trails.
  10. Keep dogs on a leash and on authorized trails at all times.
  11. Fish only in designated areas and with required permits and licenses.
  1. Smoke or light, build or maintain any fire on EBMUD property.
  2. Make body contact with the waters of any reservoir or tributary stream on EBMUD property.
  3. Disturb or take any livestock, wildlife, mineral, plant, fungi or cultural resource.
  4. Bring firearms, motorized vehicles, stallions or colts on trail.
  5. Damage or destroy any EBMUD property, including (but not limited to) gates, fences, signs, locks, structures, buildings, etc.
  6. Ride or lead any saddle or pack animal in a manner that might endanger any person or animal, or allow any such animal to stand unattended or untethered on EBMUD property.
  7. Permit any animal to swim in, wade in or drink from any reservoir, stream or pond.
  8. Use conveyances with wheels, tracks, or skids on any area of the watershed closed to such use, with the exception of hand-drawn carts, strollers, and devices subject to ADA regulations.
  9. Bring dogs or other pets on watershed trails, except where expressly permitted by signage.
  10. Use any other EBMUD recreational facilities or engage in other recreation activities for which a fee is charged unless the required fee has been paid.

RECOMMENDED: Trail users should carry drinking water, hike or ride with at least one other person and report unsafe conditions or other hazards to EBMUD.

Declaration: By electronic submission/signature and acceptance of the terms of this Trail Use Permit, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein and to indemnify and hold harmless East Bay Municipal Utility District, its Directors, Officers, Agents and Employees from and against any and all loss, injury, claim or liability resulting from the use of EBMUD property under this permit. The Trail Use Permit is not transferable. Applicant understands and agrees that EBMUD may refuse to issue further permits to persons from whom permits have been confiscated or revoked. Violation of any rule or regulation is an infraction punishable by law. EBMUD reserves the right to close the trails, or any portion thereof, at any time. To view and download a copy of the complete Rules and Regulations, go to